Yousif Faraj, MBA, CAPM®, MBCI

Yousif Faraj

Mr. Yousif Faraj is a senior lecturer in the BIBF with more than 17 years’ experience in different banking and training industries. Prior to joining the BIBF, Yousif was an IT Projects Officer, Business Continuity Management (BMC) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) Coordinator at the HSBC for 8 years. His prime responsibilities among others included the management of all IT projects which also comprised the preparation of the Periodic/Annual IT Plan and related Returns, along with the preparation of the Annual Technology Projects Plan.

Mr. Yousif carries with him extensive experience and knowledge in different areas of project management such as scheduling and project performance. He has completed more than 4000 training hours in this important field with other subjects developing numerous courses related to project management. Previously, he was an IT project manager for the HSBC Adliya branch, where his role was to initiate and plan all the IT related activities for the new branch.

Moreover, Mr. Yousif was also an IT project coordinator at the HSBC headquarters in Seef, and his responsibilities included the planning of all IT activities, including frequent liaison with the various vendors and stakeholders.

When overseeing the ICDL programme for the BIBF and Ministry of Labour in the capacity of the project manager for a period of two years, Mr. Yousif’s main objective was to train 1000 unemployed individuals in ensuring they were ICDL certified. His core responsibility included initiating and managing the entire project charter with the Ministry of Labour in preparing the complete plan along with the project-related communication and risk management.