Solveig Nicklos

BIBF Director

  • I am delighted to welcome you to the Bahrain International Project Management Convention under the theme of Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute. This year, we have a full month to celebrate the Project Management practice with a focus on connecting with the profession, collaborating with fellow project management peers, and contributing to the community

Ahmed Naeemi

BIBF Head of Operations, IT & Project Management

  • Our team has been working to make this the most comprehensive convention for Project Management in Bahrain. We’ve brought two top-tier Project Management gurus to deliver an exciting wide range of Project management topics and have deployed a talented team of trainers from Bahrain, contributing their expert knowledge on various topics in the field for the benefit of all. In order to make your convention experience as effective as possible, we’ve ensured that we cover various topics in Project Management, tailoring our programme to allow you to select the type of topic that’s most relevant to your development needs.

Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh

BIBF Deputy Director

  • We know that ongoing professional development plays a tremendous role in our success as project leaders. Amidst a current economic market comes exciting potential for growth and change that is undoubtedly right around the corner. While we manage current challenges, we need to be sharp, focused and ready to embrace what lies ahead – new projects, new opportunities, and new successes.

Convention Committee

Mr. Ahmed Naeemi


Mr. Farooq Abdulqader

Vice Chairman

Ms. Nawal Saif


Ms. Amal Al Sorani

Marketing & Communications

Ms. Dalal Hussain

Business Development

Mr. Yousif Faraj

Faculty Affairs

Ms Zainab Hadi

Administration & Logistics