About The Bahrain International Project Management Convention

Under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain.

The Bahrain International Project Management Convention is a unique month-long initiative organised by the BIBF with the aim of enhancing human capital knowledge on the critical need for effective Project Management Skills.

This major initiative will include a series of training courses, workshops & fun-filled activities highlighting various topics related to the science and art of project management. It will be a great opportunity for personnel from across different industries positioned in any level of the organisation’s hierarchy to learn and develop their skills, benefitting from a variety of leading industry experts.

At the end of this convention every candidate whether a company executive, employee or future entrepreneur, will learn the utmost importance of Project Management to organise chaos, anticipate potential risk, manage quality, integration and change, relate to people when applying their intuitive skills to different situations, deliver results, and above all, learn essential lessons from any project success and failure as that is the true key to business innovation and quality improvement for a good team player.