Course Description

This is a specialised workshop in Project Management that provides insight into the factors that drive success of projects within the financial services industry.

Project management concepts are traceable to century old practices however; it is the last two decades that has established a global practice framework to advance the professional success of project management.

Today’s projects in the financial services sector are faced with high complexity, uncertainty, inability to define final outcomes, tight budget constraints, unstable market conditions and many other challenges. Hence, the fundamental base of a core business strategy lies in the combination of the tactful planning in the implementation of projects, foreseeing the risks it brings along, and successfully tackling all challenges to ensure best project outcomes.

Therefore, learning about how to lead projects successfully can be a competitive weapon for all the players in the financial services sector. This workshop will focus on providing an insightful briefing about a number of important project management concepts and skills applicable to the financial services sector along with unique project management team building exercises.

*Note: This workshop is not included in the corporate package

Key Details

Trainer:           Ilango Vasudevan

Duration:         2 Days

Date:               23 - 24 November 2016

Timings:           8:30AM - 3:30PM

No. of Hours:    10

PDUs:               10

Fees:                BD 350/-

Venue:              External